Dig In

To promote Campus Recreation’s nutritional services, my team and I created this informative, recipe-based video series, similar to Buzzfeed’s popular Tasty videos.

  • Software: Adobe Premiere
  • Client: Auburn Campus Recreation
  • Project Type: Video Series

about this project

During my time at Auburn Campus Recreation, I’ve served as the team’s video supervisor, working with talented videographers to imagine, create and produce quality work. Along the way, I’ve learned more about the craft – about writing, shooting and editing.

The videos below are from our Dig In series. As stated in our mission, we want to encourage the Auburn family to live happy, healthy lifestyles. Through this series, we’re encouraging them to make delicious, healthy food, sharing the videos on social media.

In each video, we feature a quick, fresh recipe. These videos generally run less than a minute, and we use a dual-camera setup to create a comprehensive perspective of the recipe.





As we have not yet promoted the videos, we don’t have viewing statistics. I’ll update with the numbers after we launch.

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Jack is an amazing young man. He truly impressed me in class. Jack is dedicated and will work his hardest to complete any task. He is always willing to take on a challenge. He can lead, but he can also take direction. He understands constructive criticism and is able to take suggestions to make his work even stronger. Jack has knowledge and ability in public relations, but he is also skilled with photography and design. Jack is able to work with others or independently. He is also respectful of others.

Brigitta Brunner

Professor, Auburn University

I cannot speak highly enough about Jack Parrish. Jack exhibits an excellent desire and willingness to take on new assignments and responsibilities. He is dependable, conscientious and works collaboratively in an agency environment... He is one of the most talented young people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Andy Kutcher

Digital Supervisor, DEVENEY